Monday, August 29, 2011

Today's Ideas for Action

Things that everyday people can do to fight the corporate machine and strengthen the rights of the people;

1.  Take your money out of huge corporate banks, and move it to a local community bank, or credit union.

The corporate banks have become too big. (i.e. too big to fail.) There are 10 banks that hold 77% of American private assets.  That is simply too much control.  Keep your money in your community. 

2.  Contact your representatives.

As often as you frequent entertainment media, such as sports, celebrity gossip, etc... you should match this with reading on political information.  It doesn't matter what party you are for, they both have shifted their motives to the source of the money.  visit to find your reps.  It is essential.

3.  Rely less on Global Market, more on Local.

This sounds strange but it is crucial.  Americans all need to excersise patriotism at the cash register.  Buy American.  It is still possible and affordable.  Don't believe what the big box stores are telling you.  They destroyed American manufacturing.  They replaced American sales with minimum wage part-time positions.  And they convince Americans to hate unions.  All for the sake of continuing to break profit records at the expense of our economy.  They have no allegiance to any nation.  They will just move to the next growing economy.

4.  Join/ form organizations.

Organizing is the best way to spread a message.  Lots of people feel like you do and can see the truth.  Find them, talk with them.  Collaborate to contact representatives and make your message known.  Don't be affraid of belonging to organizations.

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